Monday, May 27, 2019

I am not a not a writer of fictions

This really wasn’t the best idea. I am not a writer.---

So I so I have playing with a new app, readercoin, and you can be rewarded for creating content on the platform. So I have playing playing with the idea of writing a work of fiction. Well, actually. I think getting started is pretty tough. I have no idea how to write fiction, so I might have to give up. I really want to try the platform out though, so I will have to think of something.

I have for a while now, been looking for a place where I can find a more of a sense of community on the internet. Somewhere where I can share my creative work and talk to people about it. Thus far, that has not happened for me, so I maybe was hoping this platform might be the place. Well, perhaps not.

My only other thought is the idea of sharing my earlier work, the Maplestory fan fiction project I worked on before. I’m not sure how that will pan out though. Writing is much harder than I anticipated though. I read a story on the platform and thought to myself, oh the writing here isn’t amazing, I bet I could do something like this. Well, maybe I can’t. I just don’t really have a story to tell right now. At Least not written like this….

Well, time to give up for now. Maybe I will find community somewhere else.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Tony and Steve

As always, this is the blog  where I put my thoughts that don't fit anywhere else.

I recently started reading  Stephen Covey’s 7 habits of highly effective people. Stephen makes the case that it what you say and do are always less important that who you are. And that if you are wrong, you can’t find success, even with the right tools.

I’m still reading the book, but it is something I’m not so sure about. Take my book on making money. I don’t talk about becoming a person who saves money, my book is all about tools to make more money. Sometimes, I think it the journey that transforms us, not that we must transform ourselves in order to take a journey.

I am also watching the Tony Robbins documentary on Netflix. I wonder what Stephen would think of Tony? At the surface level I’m sure Stephen would  probably be put off my tony’s Language. But is Tony a real life changer, or just a personality change?

Another book I started was Principles by Ray Dalio ( The book also has an endorsement by Tony Robbins on the cover). I got about 200 pages into it of 600, it is quite a read! I thought Ray's story was interesting and it makes me want to be a money manager. Anyway, after reading a chunk of this book, it has made be more open to reading Stephen Covey's book. Maybe I will update you when I have finished. Or probably not.

Also,how annoying is the pop under ad? Comment below!

Thursday, July 26, 2018


So in addition to my crappy blog, I have a crappy soundcloud! Check it out here!

I perform old religious songs like old time religion or come thou font. I do this all with a crappy microphone and audacity, which is nice free audio editing software. It involves me doing a take with each instrument and then syncing them together (or not!). If you have any songs you want performed comment below and I will see what I can do!

I have just recently ordered an XLR microphone and a USB interface so I can record high quality sound! So expect some new content soon

Friday, July 13, 2018

The First Book of Adam and Eve

So I read a little from the first book of Adam and Eve. This is a pseudepigrapha book (in the sense it is a non canonical book involving people from the bible). Still, even if the book is not necessarily unequivocally true, the oral lendandes that is it composed of likely had some basis in reality.

Here are some of my thoughts on the matter. First, Adam and Eve die a lot more than you might expect. Perhaps it makes a little sense, living in a state where they could not die to living in a state where they could. They didn’t understand their actions or even causality. They drown, throw themselves onto a mountain. Etc

It also seems to resolve some of the issues found in the bible. For example, in Genesis, the serpent that beguiled them is forced to lie on its belly and be a snake. However, if you take this story literally, there still is the problem that modern snakes don’t talk. Well, chapter 18 addresses this. The serpent tries to attack Adam and, as punishment, is no longer able to talk. Also according to this chapter snakes were sent to India.

Well, this is a really short write up, especially considering the hours and hours I spent actually reading the piece. Anyways, comment below if you want more content on this topic, or comment topics you would like covered in the future. No promises though, as this blog is the leftovers, stuff that just doesn’t fit with my other sites.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Short update

Exciting news, all future political posts will now be found on https://mindsalivation.blogspot.com/ 
check it out. As of posting today, there isn't much there and the site is pretty ugly, but I'm getting my designer on it.

Additionally, keep coming here, as new content will keep slowly coming. A new post on pseudepigraphal works is coming soon.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Why Garfield Go is better than Pokémon Go

Why Garfield Go is better than Pokémon Go
Garfield Go is a game that was released and it seems no one talks about it; I have yet to find another player. Pokemon Go of course was a huge hit at release, but from my observations, seems to have fallen out of favor with most. I personally don’t play it much nowadays, especially now that I am out of school, which is where all my pokestops were. But I have been playing Garfield Go, and I would even go as far to say it is a better game. Here's why:
One, the game loads in a reasonable amount of time. All the graphical detail in Pokemon Go perhaps makes the game look better, but it loads super slow, particularly on an older phone. The graphics in Garfield Go are much simpler, so the game loads much quicker. Garfield also doesn’t have the issue where pokestops take forever to load.
Two, the roles of item preparation and play are reversed. Pokemon Go, unless you are lucky enough to have a pokestop within the reach of your home, requires you to travel to get pokeballs and supplies. In Garfield Go, you can stay in your home and collect supplies; it is only when you want to use the supplies to get rewards that you need to travel. This arrangement makes for a better game in my opinion, as I can do more play on wifi versus on data.

Three, there are real prizes. After essentially everyone I knew quit Pokemon Go, it began to seem like a waste of time to me. After all, one of the biggest motivators to me is to be the best, like no one ever was. But if no one else is competing, it's not much of a motivator. Garfield Go, on the other hand, is motivating because it has real rewards. So far, I have only gotten $5 on Amazon from it, but hey, that’s more than than most games I play have paid me.
Four, the gameplay itself is comical in both a good way and a bad way. It's very difficult to aim the donuts in the donut toss. Also, Garfield Says is perhaps the worst minigame of all time. It is super slow paced. And while it isn’t difficult perse, it isn’t fun either. I get tired of the game long before I forget the pattern.  When you reach a coin, it starts a little mini game where you need to put food in Garfield’s bowl and he will show you where the treasure chest is. The aiming used to be very bad, but is now just slightly bad. When you would miss, Garfield would put his hands on his head and shake it in shame at you.

So in short, maybe you should check out this game, get some Garfield coins or something.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

More UBI

This blog seems like it is becoming about UBI, but hey, its an important topic.

 Also, in other news, I just noticed there is another blog has a very similar name to mine randompwn.